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Asteame Nipple Guard

Exclusively sold on Amazon, the Asteame Nipple Guard is a reinforced bandage which is used postoperatively for nipple reconstruction and inverted nipple surgery.  Based on definitive clinical testing, performed at Stanford University, the Nipple Guard is the standard of care for postoperative nipple surgery use.

  • Soft, comfortable postoperative nipple protection
  • For use after nipple reconstruction and inverted nipple repair
  • Clinically tested


Self Asteame Video Magazine discusses Stanford University's clinical trial of the Nipple Guard -- defining the device as the postoperative standard of care for nipple reconstruction.



Emotion Mood Sharing Jewelry

Emotion Mood Sharing Jewelry is a featured 2-Dooz incubation project, which is sponsored by Tony Clark--founder & CEO of 2-Dooz and Chairman of the 2-Dooz Advisory Board.  The mission of the project is to develop, brand and sell high-end, luxury jewelry which is powered by Mood Sensing Sharing Device (MSSD) technology, as defined in US Patent No.9,064,390.  Emotion Mood Sharing Jewelry combines the iconic, 1970's mood stone with today's wireless, sensor and mobile apps technology.

MSSD powered jewelry enables mood stone color sharing, which allows a wearer's emotional state to be conveyed over a communications network via an envisioned ecosystem of emotive apps--each responsive to the mood data being produced by the wearer of the jewelry. 

Example emotive apps include video games, which adjust in difficulty based on the emotional state of a player, and music players that dynamically change the playlist order based on mood.  Regarding the latter, when the mood sharing ring signals that the wearer's mood has dipped, more upbeat, energetic music is played. 

MSSDs are envisioned to be placed in the setting of all types of jewelry, including rings, bracelets, earrings, pendants, et cetera. Our first proof-of-concept prototype is a mood sensing sharing bracelet. The relatively large size of the then available wireless and sensor related electronic components of the MSSD drove the decision to first pursue a bracelet form factor. Development is currently underway to reduce the size of the electronics to fit within the cavity of smaller jewelry pieces. The first retail product to use the smaller electronics package is expected to be a mood sharing ring.

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