Mirror Assessment

2-Dooz Mirror Assessment

An accurate self assessment is a critical part of any strategic planning process.  The idea is to produce a picture of a company’s strengths, weaknesses, challenges, and opportunities.  Only after the self assessment is completed is it possible to craft a strategic plan that is rooted in the reality of an organization’s existing talents, capabilities, and challenges. 

Why should your company get one?
  • Strategy development best practice
  • Quickly identifies key trouble areas inhibiting success
  • Proven, proprietary methodology
  • Streamlined, guided assessment
  • Facilitates action plans which are more firmly grounded in reality 

As reviewed in the ALIGN System Handbook, a company’s vivid description is a picture of what the company is endeavoring to become, or where it is trying to go; in a sense it describes a destination.  In comparison, an accurate self assessment is a snap shot of where a company currently is; it is a starting point.   In this context, strategic planning is a process which allows for the plotting of an optimal path between the starting point and the destination.

Part of a portfolio of business consulting services, the 2-Dooz Mirror Assessment is a metaphorical mirror—one which allows a client to better assess its strengths and weaknesses. Though constructed by 2-Dooz, the Mirror Assessment draws from direct input provided by the client company.  Thus, this guided assessment enables a more accurate view of a company’s strategy, operational effectiveness, competitive position, people assets, product positioning, and service offerings.

More specifically, 2-Dooz provides two types of Mirror Assessments:  (1) single perspective and (2) multi-perspective.  In both cases, we use a proprietary, proven methodology, which help us develop an accurate reflection, or picture of a client’s organization.  The major difference between the two types of assessments is the number of your staff members that participate in the process.  In the single perspective case, 2-Dooz’s interaction with a client company is limited to a single executive who is knowledgeable of and is capable of representing the entire client organization.  In the multi-perspective case, the input from several key client company executives is pieced together to form a complete image.

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