The Eagle’s Chip Kelly’s Strategic Blunder

By Tony Clark, 2-Dooz Inc. – September 30, 2013

We are at the end of September—four weeks into the new football season.  At 1 win and 3 losses, it’s abundantly clear that my beloved Philadelphia Eagles will fall short of their goal to win the Super Bowl.  Still with new head coach Chip Kelly at the controls, there is plenty, beyond the fantasy football intrigue of the trio quarterback Michael Vick, running back LeSean McCoy, and receiver DeSean Jackson, to keep fans interested in the season.  While most of the focus has been on the Eagle’s new up-tempo offense, my attention has been drawn to the team’s apparent failure to do a proper self assessment before embarking upon this year’s campaign.

The start of the autumn season also means that most businesses have begun, or will soon begin their annual strategic planning processes.  Companies are busily setting goals for next year and are developing action plans to accomplish them.  Moreover, the smart companies are crafting realistic strategies that are grounded in their current prospects—requiring an accurate and honest assessment of where a business currently is.

Curiously, the Eagle’s Chip Kelly failed to perform the self assessment step during the offseason.  If he had done so, he couldn’t have missed three critical, long standing problem areas that are still haunting the team:  (1) the defensive secondary; (2) the defensive line backers; and (3) the offensive line.  Unfortunately, Kelly’s blunder is clearly factoring into the Eagle’s poor start to the season, including the horrible showing against the Denver Broncos yesterday.  Three consecutive losses, each one worse than the preceding, underscore why it is so important to do a comprehensive self assessment at the beginning of the planning process.  

To assist companies in performing this critically important self assessment step, 2-Dooz offers the Mirror Assessment™.  The Mirror Assessment is a metaphorical mirror, which allows a client company to better see its strengths and weaknesses.  Constructed using a proprietary methodology internally developed by 2-Dooz, the Mirror Assessment draws from direct input provided by a client company.  The guided assessment enables a quick, more accurate view of a company’s current strategy, operational effectiveness, competitive position, people assets, product positioning, and service offerings.

The poor start by the Philadelphia Eagles provides a timely reminder of the importance of doing a self assessment at the beginning of the strategic planning process.  Doing so, enables a company to develop action plans which are more firmly grounded in reality, which, ultimately, is a key to business success.

Those are my thoughts.  And, as always, I invite and look forward to learning what you think.


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