Advisory Board

Tony Clark, M.Eng. (EE)

Tony is a serial entrepreneur and a proven large company executive with a track record of starting and operating self sustaining business ventures.  A 24 year veteran of Silicon Valley, he brings 30 years of high tech and hands-on operational experience to his current role as Founder, Chairman and CEO of 2-Dooz Inc.  Tony is the lead advisor to the company’s cyber security, big data, cloud, social and bio-technology clients.   He is 2-Dooz’s lead consultant regarding corporate restructuring strategy and execution.  And, he is the company’s lead testifying expert witness for patent infringement and trade secrets cases, involving advanced computing and networking technologies.

Tony is the founder of 2-Dooz, Asteame Medical Devices and Villa Montage Systems.  He previously held various executive management, product management and technology management positions at Bellcore (now part of Ericsson), SynOptics, Bay Networks and Nortel Networks.  Earlier in his career, he served as an intern respectively at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, IBM, Corning Glass and AT&T Information Systems (Bell Labs).

Tony received his BS Engineering and Masters of Engineering degrees from the school of Electrical & Computer Engineering at Cornell University.  His graduate studies focused on computer architecture, data communications networks and robot control systems.  His current research is primarily focused on the Emotive Internet.

Tony is currently the Chairman of the 2-Dooz Advisory Board.  He is the Advisory Board sponsor for the Emotion Mood Sharing Ring project.

Bob Klessig, Ph.D.

Bob has more than 30 years of technology experience regarding data networking protocols for local area networks (LAN) and wide area networks (WAN).  He is the current Editor at Large for the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) and is the MEF’s first Fellow.  The MEF mission “is to accelerate the worldwide adoption of Carrier-class Ethernet networks and services.”

Bob is formerly of Bell Laboratories, Bellcore (now Telcordia), 3Com, Cisco and Telseon.  His responsibilities included business development, standards definition, and data network architecture for Switch Multi-megabit Data Service (SMDS), Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM), and metropolitan area Ethernet Service.

Bob has a BS Engineering degree from Case Western Reserve University (formerly Case Institute of Technology), a MS Electrical Engineering degree, and a Ph.D. Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences degree—the latter two degrees from the University of California, Berkeley.  His graduate level research focused on Nonlinear Optimization Algorithms.  He received two faculty appointments in EECS.

Leveraging his extensive background and experience regarding network architecture, Bob’s 2-Dooz Advisory Board work is focused on the definition of the company’s architecture for the delivery of hosted information technology services to small and medium business customers.

Liliana Nordbakk, PE

Liliana Nordbakk is a serial entrepreneur with twenty plus years of experience in business development and finance in the software industry.  She built several companies in Europe and ran them from inception to an IPO or acquisition.

She co-founded NorCom Information Technologies AG in 1989 and took the company public at the Frankfurt Stock Exchange in 1999.  After the IPO Liliana severed as NorCom’s CFO and was also responsible for Mergers & Acquisitions and business development in the US.  She currently serves as NorCom’s Chairman of the Board.

Liliana has been an Angel Investor since 2005 investing in companies in Germany and in the US. She is a member of Band of Angels, Life Science Angels and a managing partner of Motke Capital LLC, a private equity firm with headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Liliana’s current 2-Dooz Advisory Board efforts are focused on opportunity assessment and business development regarding the Emotive Internet.

Brian Powell, B.S.M.E.

Brian has extensive expertise in mechanical and reliability engineering, including all phases of detailed feasibility studies, execution and commissioning in the mega-project arena.  His more than 27 years of professional experience is highlighted by numerous international assignments, including multibillion dollar projects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Norway.  

Brian recently served as a Project Manager for the Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Technology Group of the Alcoa Technical Center with overall responsibility for the execution phase of scale-up R&D projects, which are disruptive in nature. 

Brian’s experience base encompasses Front End Loading Phase I evaluations, risk / hazard assessments, estimation, business case development, construction supervision, start-up, and ramp up to steady state.

Brian holds a BS Mechanical Engineering degree from Cornell University.

Brian’s current 2-Dooz Advisory Board area of focus comprises industrial design, mechanical design, work break down structure, materials recommendations and manufacturability for the Mood Sensing Sharing Ring project.

John Yang, M.S.

John has over 25 years of technology and entrepreneurial experience regarding enterprise networking, storage, cloud, and IoT industries. He is an expert in system and software architecture and has successfully founded, built and led multiple business ventures, including the critical staffing and training of global engineering and development teams.  

John is the founder and current CEO of ApeirOne.  He formerly held executive roles at Fortunet PDC, Asoka, CyberTAN, Acute, and NewMedia.  Earlier in his career, John led software engineering efforts at SynOptics, Bay Networks, and Villa Montage Systems.

John’s expertise includes identifying new market opportunities and bridging identified market requirements with successful product development and deployment.

John graduated from University of Florida with an M.S. in Electrical Engineering and received a B.S. from National Tsing-Hua University.

John's current 2-Dooz Advisory Board work is focused on CPE requirements for the delivery of hosted information technology services to small and medium business customers.



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